Traditionally the practice of consulting is helping organisations improve their performance and providing external analysis to create plans for improvement. This ultimately improves revenue and profit performance.

Our focus at Prospect is different. We are all about creating performance through people in every aspect of the services we provide to our clients. We start the journey towards sustained improvement in your organisation by observing and reviewing your processes and systems whilst fully engaging your people.

The suite of consulting services at Prospect are distributed under the key areas of People, Processes and Systems which is underpinned by our Business Performance Management Framework. This framework has been developed specifically through our extensive experience and knowledge of the resources sector.

The Business Performance Management Framework is designed to align your people, processes and systems to effectively deliver your strategy and to engage your workforce in that delivery, and ultimately achieve cost-effective results.

Our specific consulting services are:

  • Management Operating Systems
  • Culture Development
  • Team Development
  • Leadership Development & Coaching
  • Strategic Planning
  • Tactical & Operational Planning
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Board Effectiveness & Corporate Governance